Company began its operations in Iran in 1997. Based on the experience and technical knowledge of the company’s founders in the field of medical imaging equipment, the company initially imported medical imaging equipment. Later, the company focused on expanding its scope to supply medical equipment, as well as research and production of equipment required by medical imaging divisions in the country

In this regard, after obtaining approval for a valid standard in quality management (ISO9001) and a quality management standard for medical equipment (ISO13485), the company succeeded in obtaining a production license for various imaging equipment, including digital and analogue radiography, mobile devices and analogue mobile radiography, fluoroscopy, and CT scans from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment

For many years, we have made efforts to provide the best quality and most appropriate prices for the respected community of medics, dentists, and specialists with the cooperation of the world’s top imaging companies. We are proud that despite political and economic obstacles, we have gained the satisfaction and trust of a large segment of the country’s healthcare system by providing quality products and decent services. By attracting specialized and young experts in research and development and installing over 560 radiology devices, more than 277 c-arm and portable devices, and over 600 dental imaging devices, we play a significant role in the supply chain of medical imaging equipment. In addition, we have provided more than 600 phosphor plates and 4000 RVG sensors, all of which have reached the medical community with after-sales services throughout Iran

Currently, our network of sales and after-sales service representatives all over the country provides products and services to various medical departments. “Arian Darman Pajouh” is committed to maintaining the trust of its esteemed customers. We will continue to provide high-quality products and services worthy of their trust while observing work ethic and professional values

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Email: info@adp.co.ir

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